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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting Work During Recession

It has become tough since a few months to find online work. Well, thank God that I have a few clients who give me regular work. But my writer friends are really in the bad condition these days. They tell me that they are out of work. And of course, I share some work if I have in spare, with them. But actually recession is responsible for this condition. Many web masters have either stopped their current projects or they are facing slow down as far as sponsorers are concerned. Getting new work during recession is tough. However, my friends do not lose hope. What you can do is take up work at lower rates at this stage and once when things are fine then you can take up rate hike. This advice will be helpful because genuinely work has become less. At least this will help you to carry on and get some pocket money. Don't take me wrong. But recession is bad and at such times, you can survive if you provide your service at a discounted rates.

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