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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1) Positive Weight Loss Approach for Better Results

Weight loss is a challenge

Weight loss is really tough task. It requires lot of commitment and discipline. But apart from these two things there is one more thing that plays a vital role in your weight loss motive and that is positive attitude. Weight loss is quite challenging and without positive approach you may not be able to be successful in this challenge. This is because; you will have to change your lifestyle and certain habits too, which may be a difficult thing. You will have to build a positive power within you that will motivate you through out your weight loss journey.

Attitude wins

Now, here’s how you can develop a positive attitude and keep a positive approach while you want to successfully shed few pounds from your body. You should have attitude of a winner. Don’t think like a loser. You ought to have control over your emotions and this will make you a strong person from within. You should always find positivity in things that come in your way. Stop nurturing pessimism and negativity.

If you keep on thinking negative things like you won’t be able to lose weight or it is so hard, then actually you are passing a message to your brain that it is not your cup of tea. This negative signal will affect your self confidence and your self esteem. And this will enhance de-motivation and kill the motivation within you.

Remember, weight loss is not merely dieting. It actually relates to creating a whole new positive personality out of you. You should follow a weight loss program in which you are comfortable. There is one more thing which will help you in staying positive and that is, support of friends and family members.

Stay positive

You will come across many hurdles but you should never lose hope. There are so many success stories. You should read those stories and follow them so as to stay positive through out the path of your weight loss targets. Finally, at the end of the day what will matter is your attitude and mental state. If you stay positive you will be able to cross all the obstacles.

Do you know, on your weight loss program you don’t have to starve? These days’ the programs of weight loss are flexible and simple. You should have balanced meals with more of natural and organic foods. You should cut down on fatty foods. Also, you should avoid fried and high calorie foods. If you need you may even consult a dietician.

Remember, your weight loss program won’t be cent percent successful if you do not follow a wise exercise plan. Exercises, jogging, swimming, yoga, cardio exercises, weights and Pilates help you in staying fit and boost weight loss. If you are fussy about doing exercises then you can even follow a walking regime. Studies indicate that walking regularly for 30 minutes can also boost weight loss. However, you can talk to your doctor or your fitness instructor in regards to which exercise suits you the most.

2) Tips on How to Live a Long and Healthier Life

If you want to stay fit and fine till ninety nine then you should live a balanced life which has combination of both, rest as well as activities. Yes, studies and tests on elderly people’s health and mental state reveals that if life is lived with right principles then one can live long and healthier life.

It is believed that aging brings along problems like mental confusion, lack of strength etc. But if you live rightly, you can increase your physical as well as mental strength. We tend to underestimate the capacity and performance power in adults. Here are some of the tips that will help in keeping a sound physical and mental state so that more years can be added to your life span:

1. Laugh out loud: Laughter is the best medicine. It keeps your mental and physical condition tip top. With a witty and good sense of humor you can make your surroundings light and people happy.

2. Keep away from stress: Stress is very dangerous for health. It can lead to asthma, heart disorders, angina, constipation, insomnia, ulcers, etc. It is true that you need some amount of stress to have some motivation. But if the stress that you face takes you back and stops you from moving ahead in life, then it can cause problems. Stress may induce anxiety and depression. With meditation, breathing techniques and consulting a counselor you can discard the stressors that affect you negatively.

3. Ignore worries: If you get worried by every small thing you should try to change yourself. When you face a problem and start worrying you should try to divert your mind. This will help you cope up with your worries.

4. Exercise daily: If you exercise everyday, you can stay fit physically as well as mentally. It will help you to keep away many health ailments and improve the way you look. And thus, with the confidence and the fitness that you achieve, you can delay the aging process.

5. Eat healthy food: If you add natural foods to your diet you can keep away many health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems etc. Avoid foods high in sodium, fats and cholesterol.

6. Have enough sleep: Studies indicate that having enough sleep can help you staying young and fit for longer span. It also helps in reducing stress and tension. It reduces anxiety and depression too.

7. Have regular health check ups: Since aging may bring a few health problems, it is recommended that you should go for regular health check ups at certain intervals. This will ensure that if at all you have nay health problem, it can be treated at the earlier stage itself.

8. Stay occupied: Even if you are retired from your business or job, you should not stay blank. There should be something that should keep you occupied. It may be social service, part time job, teaching children, spending time with pets or any thing you like so that it keeps you occupied.

3) Explanation about What to Do When the Diets Go Wrong

If you are obese or have more than the ideal weight, some day or the other there will be realization that you should have been thinner. And when you make up our mind that you will eat less and skip meals or starve. But this is actually not right. In fact, if you eat too less you may not lose the desired weight.

Eating less does not make you thin

Researchers reveal that it is the calories intake that makes you fat or thin. It is seen that fat people have more of fatty foods and thinner people thrive on complex carbs and low fat foods. You should understand that weight loss is not possible in a day.

Sensible weight loss

You will need to make weight loss plan or program which is suitable to you. A healthy and sensible weight loss plan has carefully planned guidelines. While preparing this plan you can take advice of your fitness instructor and dietician. A good weight loss plan is such that it can be followed today and even a few years later. It should be sensible as well as practical. In USA there are so many people who follow some diet plans, lose weight temporarily and then after some years they gain weight again.

Food and lifestyle

It is important to eat right and stay healthy or else you can become obese. And obesity can invite many health ailments including high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension etc. Obese people have more calorie intake or have more dependence on saturated fats. But merely reduction in calories won’t give you 100 percent results. Along with dietary changes it is also vital that you make necessary changes in your lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle with high calorie intake has dangerous effects on your health. But, a sedentary lifestyle with low calorie intake may also affect your health negatively. It is vital that you make changes in your diet as well as in your lifestyle.

In order to maintain a consistent weight loss and maintain it for a longer time requires a combination of healthy and low calorie foods with physical workouts. By exercising regularly, you are actually training your metabolism and boosting it.

What to eat

But coming back to diet for healthy and slim body, it is vital that you thrive on more of natural and organic foods. You should consume more of fruits and vegetables. Also, you should avoid too much processed foods and high fat foods. Cut down on salt, sugar, butter, fatty foods and fried foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and antioxidants. And therefore you don’t feel hungry again and again. With this, there is reduced intake of foods. And this boosts weight loss. On the other hand if your diet has wrong foods like fast foods, processed foods and highly saturated foods then in spite of consuming more of them, you will still feel hungry again and again. And this will make you eat more and thus become fat.

4) Does Breast Cancer Mean Less Contended Sex Life

In one of the studies health experts revealed that females who have had breast cancer experience a below average sexual life. In fact, as per the numbers published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine it was stated that 7 females out of 10 who have breast cancer face problems in their sexual life within two years of cancer diagnosis.

In fact, this problem has been there even before. But this issue was not discussed openly. The reason why females do not discuss it in open is that they feel embarrassed to talk about such issues. But researchers and health experts have now stated that women should be open in regards to this issue and even the physicians should consider this issue as a part of their treatment regime.

What’s the reason?

Studies indicate that cancer drugs affect the production of estrogen. The medicine used in treating breast cancer gives rise to symptoms like menopause. And thus, there will be loss of libido and loss of interest in sex.

With estrogen blocking endocrine therapy, hormonal treatments for breast cancer and consequently the menopausal symptoms with breast cancer treatment, are the major causes that affect the sexual life of the female patient. But there should be some solution to it. And therefore, health experts suggest that in order to control hot flashes, night sweating etc. non hormonal treatments should be followed. Also, in order to treat sexual problems post diagnosis or treatment; one can use lubricants and vaginal moisturizers. Researchers are also working towards finding the drugs that would boost libido while breast cancer treatment is going on.

What numbers say?

In United States breast cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer. Every year almost 200000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed. But due to development in the field of medicine breast cancer can be successfully treated. However, breast cancer treatment does affect the sex life to certain extent. In one of the studies where a survey of 1000 women from Australia was done, almost 80 percent of women said that till they had been diagnosed with breast cancer, they enjoyed a healthy sexual life. But after their diagnosis when treatment was started, there was lower sex drive and loss of libido.

Communication is the key

Apart from the above discussion, it is also important to note that an open and right conversation with the partner will help to maintain a good emotional relation. With an open discussion, your partner will understand your problem and will also help you out. Loss of libido or disaster in sexual life is natural for females having breast cancer and treatment for the same. And at this point she will need support of her partner along with the drugs or lubricants that would boost sexual life to some extent.

Better quality of life

The new motto of healthcare experts for treating breast cancer is, there should be efforts taken for making the survival of breast cancer patients, quite possible. But efforts should also be taken to make the survival better in quality and more productive.

5) Rheumatoid Arthritis and Surgery Option

Rheumatoid arthritis mainly affects multiple joints of human body. In most of the cases rheumatoid arthritis affects the smaller joints like fingers. And thus, the pain, deformity and discomfort as associated with rheumatoid arthritis affects the quality of life of the patient. This will have an effect on your daily routine.

Treating rheumatoid arthritis

It is important to treat rheumatoid arthritis so as to get relief from severe pain and discomfort. But, to start with, doctors prefer medication therapy and physical therapy. But when the patient’s response to these treatments is negative, surgery may be a treatment option that your healthcare provider may think of. However, it is important to note that in osteoarthritis there is only one joint that is affected and thus surgery works in that case. But there are concerns that whether surgery works for rheumatoid arthritis or not as multiple joints is associated in this.

Surgical treatment

In rheumatoid arthritis, surgery is used for pain relief and improved functioning of deformed joints.

For patients with joint problem in finger and hand, surgery is a common treatment.

Cervical spinal fusion is used in treating severe neck pain and nerve issues.

Resection of metatarsal heads is used to remove the deformity of feet by deformed bone removal.

Arthroscopy is used in removing inflamed tissue in the affected joint.

Arthroplasty is used in part of full joint replacement in knee area or hip part.

Synovectomy is used for inflamed joint tissue removal.

Consult your orthopedic surgeon for advice

However, it is vital to think over an issue and that is, how effective is surgical treatment in rheumatoid arthritis. Not all surgeries impart successful and painless functioning of affected joints. In rheumatoid arthritis wrist joint surgery, hip or knee joint replacement and deformed feet surgery by deformed bone removal are considered as effective and successful surgeries. As far as other treatments are concerned, they may or may not give effective results. However, you should talk orthopedic surgeon in this regards surgery for pain relief in rheumatoid arthritis.

Things to consider before a surgery

You should have a word with your orthopedic surgeon in regards to whether surgery in rheumatoid arthritis will work for you or not. You should ask your doctor that:

Will surgery give me pain relief from joint pain?

What are the options of surgery?

Will surgery improve the daily functioning of the affected joint?

Which surgery is the best option?

What can be the side effects?

Is there any danger in the surgery or whether something can go wrong?

What if the surgery does not work?

How long is the concerned surgical procedure?

How much time will it take to recover?

While you are asking the above mentioned questions to your orthopedic surgeon, you should also make it clear as to what are your expectations with the surgery. This will give you a clear picture about what will be outcome of your surgery and whether surgery will work for you or not. It will also give an idea as to what can be done if this surgery fails.

6) How does Anemia occur and how it is cured

Do you get tired easily?

Some women who get tired easily feel that this may be due to the overload of work at home and at the office. But beware; there can be some other reason too for this! And the most common reason is anemia, which may be responsible for you getting exhausted and tired.

What is anemia?

Anemia is a health condition in which the red blood cells in the blood are quite less. And due to this there is fall in hemoglobin levels too. Hemoglobin is actually oxygen carrier and fall in hemoglobin levels causes lower oxygen levels in the blood. And as a result of this, you feel tired and get exhausted easily.

Hemoglobin count in anemic women

In females, 12.3 to 15.3 g/dL indicates normal hemoglobin levels.

10.0 to 11.9 g/dL indicates mild anemia.

7.0 to 9.9 g/dL indicates moderate anemia.

When this levels are less than 7 g/dL it is the condition of severe anemia, which can be dangerous for health.

What causes anemia?

Pregnancy: When baby is in the womb it requires more of red blood cells. And as a result of this mother faces shortage of the red blood cells for herself. This leads to anemia and weakness.

Loss of blood: When there is loss of blood in females, especially during heavy menstruation, it leads to anemic condition in women.

Undernourished women: Women who don’t eat well, or has poor diet are undernourished. They face anemic health conditions.

Other reasons: There are some other health conditions that may relate to anemia and this includes worm infestation, AIDS, cancer etc.

Signs of anemia

Signs and symptoms of anemia include dizziness, fainting, weakness, anxiety, irritability, persistent sweating etc. Some women with anemia display pale skin which can be one of the signs of anemia.

Diagnosis and treatment

Anemia can be diagnosed with tests, physical examination and investigation about person’s medical history. Anemia requires apt diagnosis and treatment because it can be dangerous for health. Women who are around the age of 22-30 may even face infertility due to anemia. For women who are pregnant, anemia can lead to premature delivery.

Anemia can be treated with well nourished diet. Anemia leads to iron deficiency which can have dire effects on the body. And therefore anemic patients must have foods and supplements rich in iron. Along with iron there should also be dependence on vitamins like B6, B12, C, folate etc. Patients of anemia should also have foods rich in proteins.

If your doctor has prescribed some nutritional supplements then you should take them regularly. However, nothing can replace a healthy diet.

Preventive measures

It is important to note that mild anemia won’t have symptoms. But in the later stages if care is not taken it can take form of severe anemia. And therefore it is recommended that women should go for regular check ups and get the test done for knowing levels of hemoglobin in the body. This will help you to avoid any complications at the later stages.


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Obesity is devastating and may result to clinical depression. Such condition causes sadness, anger and worry. But taking small steps in setting weight loss goal can improve body image outlook.

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