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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 articles on Green Card

1. Importance of Green Card

Green card in the United States refers to the Permanent Resident Card. It holds utmost importance because it is the proof f a person’s permanent and legal residential status in the country. Therefore if an individual wishes to stay and work in United States permanently then he should apply for a green card. With a green card there are many benefits including immigration benefits.

The person holding this green card should follow the rules and regulations that the government has made for them. Issuing green card now falls in the purview of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. With a green card the regulations allow a person to have a temporary work permit so that he can carry on a job in the country. It also allows the person to have a certificate with which he can stay and travel within the country.

It is actually difficult for a non-resident person to get the U.S.A. green card. Also, the time taken to issue green card is long. In the meantime it is recommended that the person who has already made an application for green card should apply for the temporary work permit and U.S citizenship certificate.

Green card for U.S.A. immigration can be obtained in many ways. And some of these include green card by immigration through family member, through a job, lottery service, marriage etc. Just like green card application, green card renewal is an equally important issue. And thus, one should also understand the procedure that is associated with green card renewal.

2. Tips for Green Card Interview

Many immigrants who wish to stay in United States either for their job or for some other reason have to apply for green card. And thus, green card interview is a legal and vital formality for them. The main reason as to why green card interview is compulsory is that, the officials want to find out that whether the information that you have mentioned in the application is accurate or not. For example if you have married to a U.S. citizen and the green card that you have applied for is based on the marriage, then the officials want to find out that whether the marriage is legal and genuine.

Before you are going for the interview appointment you should check out that you have taken all the documents along with you. If any document is missing, it can create a problem in this procedure. In fact, the missing documents can lead to delay in the procedure. Some of the most important documents that should be with you while on the interview are marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport, application for green card etc. You should also have your recent color photos.

On the interview, you should be confident enough to answer the questions that are put up. If you are not aware of any of the answers then you should be honest and say that you are not aware. Do not give answers that are fake or baseless.

If you have problem in English speaking then you should bring an interpreter along with you who can convey what you wish to say.

3. Green Card Renewal

Green card is an important document which allows the individual to stay in United States and continue the job right there. But green card is subject to expiry and thus, when green card gets expired there should be green card renewal. It is important to note that the individual’s whose green cards have expired are simply out of status. And thus there can be a denial for them to stay and travel in the country. Before anything like this happens, you should seriously think about green cared renewal.

You can find out the information about green card renewal either from the internet or someone who has good knowledge about such legal procedures. You should find out a reliable website that helps you in guiding through the process of green card renewals. If you get proper instructions and information then you will be able to fill up the exact forms and compile the documents as required.

It is important to note that green card renewal is as important as fresh application for green card. Some residents have commuter status should also renew their green cards. Green card being the most important document, care should be taken to fulfill all the legal formalities and documentation as associated with the procedure. This document specifies your residential status. Not renewing this can hamper your entry or movement in the country. You should find out various details in connection to the application forms and documents that are required to be submitted for the renewal process.

4. Online Green Card Renewal

Green card renewal is something very important. It is the proof of your permanent residential status in United States. And ignoring the same can hamper your movement as well as transactions in the Unite States. For individuals whose green cards have expired, the status is out of date. And thus, you may even be denied an entry.

For green card renewal the form that is to be filled up is l-90. And the most convenient way of applying for green card renewal is applying online. This saves lot of your time as well as energy. However, you should be able to find a reputed and reliable source for renewal of your green card.

You should check out that whether your green card bears any expiry date. And if that date is nearing then you must immediately take steps towards green cared renewal procedure. If your green card does not bear the expiry date, that does not mean you should not apply for renewal. Even though it is not compulsory, it is strongly stressed upon to renew the green cards at specified time limit.

It is vital to note that since green card renewal procedure may take some time, you should file an application form well in advance. Do not wait for the expiry date. Do it at least 5-6 months before so that you get your green card renewed on time. Over the years there have been many different formats and versions of green card with the name AR3, Form i-551 etc. It is recommended that even these are green cards and are subject to renewal.

5. Importance of Renewing Expired Green Card

Many people have one question in mind and that is, does green card expiry indicate expiry of permanent residential status. Well, the answer is NO. Even though your green card has expired, you still hold the status of permanent resident in United States. But as per the rules and regulations of the country, it is mandatory to carry unexpired green card or the temporary proof that you get during the renewal application.

The first thing you should do is check whether your green card has expiry of 2 years or 10 years. Conditional permanent residents’ green cards have an expiry of 2 years and permanent residents have green card expiry period of 10 years. You should not wait for the last date to approach for renewal. You should file an application at least 5-6 months prior to expiry. This is because; due to the backlog there are chances of a few delays.

If you do not renew your green card then there may be problems in connection to your job as well as entry back in the country from some other country.

In order to avoid such complications, it is important that you renew your green card well in advance. As right and apt information helps you in staying ahead with time, you should find out a perfect source of information that is reliable as well as dependable. Today, things have become much simpler and you can find out many websites on the internet that give you the best possible information as well as complete guidance in relation to renew the expired green card.

6. Expired Green Card Outcome

With green card an alien can get an entry for stay and employment in the United States. With this lawful proof the person gets the right to stay in the country. Green card is issued either for the span of two years or for ten years. You should check out for the expiry date of your green card.

You should not wait till the expiry date for renewal. You should file an application for renewal well in advance; say six months before the actual expiry. This ensures that you get the renewed green card exactly on time.

If you carry an expired green card then it will give you the status “out of date”. And thus, you will have problems in entering in the country from any outside country. Also, you will face problems while moving within the country either for job or for some personal reasons.

Do you know the time span within which the expired green card should be renewed is 90 days from the date of expiry? And while you have applied for the card, you will get a document which you may carry as lawful proof.

It is important to note that you should gain knowledge about different procedures that are involved in renewal of green card. This is because these rules and regulations change with time and circumstances. It is vital to understand that the act of the person carrying the expired green card for more time can be considered as illegal and strict legal action can be taken in this regards.

7. Information on Green Card Change of Address

Since green card is a vital document it is important that you provide all the vital details so as to retain this document. If there is a change in your residential address then in that case there is a condition in regards to filing the details about the change in address.

If the individual has lived for 30 days or more than that then as per Immigration and Naturalization Act, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services should be notified within 10 days for any change in the address. And in case if the individual fails to do this, then against the individual, legal action can be taken. For this purpose form AR-11 is to be used.

In order to file change of address the following steps are required to be taken:

1. Download the form AR-11.

2. Fill up the form with the details as asked.

3. Mail the form to Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Change of Address, P.O. Box 7134

London, KY 40742-7134.

If someone willfully hides this detail and does not intimate the concerned department then strict action can be taken against him/her. It is mandatory for every alien to intimate the change of registered address for updating the green card address details.

This has now become quite convenient, quick and easy. You can even apply for change of address online. This will save lot of your time and energy. USCIS official website gives this facility for making amendments in your permanent address.

8. Form AR-11: Green Card Change of Address

Form AR-11 can be called with many other names too like AR-11, AR11, and USCIS AR-11 etc. As per the rules as set by the authorities responsible for green card issue, an intimation should be given via Form AR-11 to give information about the change in registered address by non-USA citizens within the time span of 10days. It is vital to abide by the rules and regulations. If an individual fails to intimate the authorities in regards to change of address, then the authorities can take legal and strict action against the individual. This form can be downloaded using the official website or many other helpful websites.

If someone willfully hides these details then in that case, there is a fine of 200USD and/or imprisonment of 30 days. Ignorance of law is not an excuse. And therefore one should keep himself updated about the laws that pertain to rules and regulations for green card. And now, due to online facility of change in address intimation and online downloading facility of AR11 form, filing for change of address is no more a tough task. You can quickly file the application form and get the things done. And thus you simply can’t say that you didn’t have time.

There are many websites which provide you with instructions as well as form download for change in address. With such sites, things have become much simpler and faster. You can now save lot of your time, money and energy by taking services of such websites.

9. Stolen Green Card Solution

Green card is a permanent resident card. It is the genuine proof of your lawful stay or employment in United States. This is an important document. And therefore you should carry it carefully. But in case if it gets stolen then here’s the information that will help you to deal with the situation.

If your green card got stolen while travelling in some foreign country then:

You should report this to the police and get the copy of the complaint that you have filed.

Go to the US Embassy that is nearby and report the case and apply for the transportation letter. For application of transportation letter you will need a valid passport, completed I-90 form, passport size photographs, police report regarding the stolen green card and other evidences of your travel etc. You will be required to pay fees as well as explain to the authorities as to why you don’t have the green card with you.

Give advertisement in the newspaper.

It is important to note that this application may be accepted or denied depending upon the case and situation. Even if the application is rejected, you won’t get the fees refunded.

And if you get the transportation letter then you are supposed to carry that to USA. When you come back to United States with this transportation letter you are allowed to file for replace green card. It is worth noting that all transportation letters are valid for 15 days time from the date they are issued.

10. Difference between Stolen Green Card and Renewal Green Card

If you are an alien in United States and your green card has been stolen in some other foreign country then in order to return back to USA you will require a transportation letter. You should go to the near by US Embassy to get this letter. There’re several documents and form that should be filed in order to get transportation letter. US Embassy in the foreign country discusses this case with USCIS in USA and then considers your application. This procedure of application for stolen green card is also termed as replace green card. Many people have misconception and they feel that renewal green card and replace green card are same procedures. But it is not so. In renewal green card, there is expiration of the green card. And in replace green card, the green card is either lost or stolen.

There is another point of difference between the two and that is, for renewal you don’t require transportation letter but for replacement you need this. For both these things procedures are different. The forms that are required to be filled up are also different. It is worth noting that the procedure of renewal is some what simple, but the procedure that is required for applying for stolen green card is truly complicated. On expiry renewal can be done online, but application for card replacement can not be done online. Also, the formalities and procedures as related to replacement of green card are much more than the renewal process.

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