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Friday, July 18, 2008

How To Take Up Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is a long process and requires good amount of patience. It needs a lot of attention and time. Many people do not achieve the ultimate goal mainly because they lack patience. Blog marketing is an ongoing process and needs a lot of time. You must be able to take care of it like a baby. My blog, my baby, this must be the motive.

Well, there are many things you can take up for blog marketing. Blog marketing mainly requires you to make your blog popular on the web. This is possible if you tell more and more people about your blog. You need to leave the back-links on the webpages. So, I am going to recommend a few things you must take up for marketing your blog.

Article submission in directories: Article submission is a good option to make yourself popular as a writer. If you want to attain popularity and want to make your blog popular then you must start submitting articles in the directories. There are hundreds of directories on the web. However, you must try to find out some good article directories. Some of the examples are and

Web commenting: Web comenting is a very popular means by which you can create back-links for your website or blog. You can comment on various websites and blogs. However, the nature of the comment must be unbiased. The comment must not be negative for the site where you are posting. It must neither have the sole motive of your site promotion nor it must be a bias opinion on the other website.

Participating in forum discussions: You must participate in forum discussions and make your link popular. This way you are making the fellow people aware about the presence of your blog.

These are only a few options of making your blog popular. Many people indulge into spam mails. But this is actually unethical and does not lead you anyway. You must leave the link where you are allowed to. Don't market your blog where people try to avoid you.

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