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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucrative Blog Topic

Lucrative is a subjective concept. Some people are happy with small income while others tempt for more. Well, it is always good to expect for more and this is how you will achieve success. Now, how to find out lucrative blog topic is the question? Well, for this first you will have to take up some research work at various blog sites like technorati, bloglines, blogpulse etc. Get into the forums and news sections to find out the current hot topics. And you will find that there are hundreds of topics. Well, but but....wait! Now, the most important stage is going to come and that is making a choice.

Before answering the above question I would like to ask another question first. What do you think is more important. Being a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in the small pond. I think, both the situation has their own advantages and drawbacks. But the later one can be a better situation making things in your favor. My point is that rather than being the part of a bandwagon and selecting a topic which thousands have wrote and thousands are going to write, select a different and niche topic which has not been explored much. This will make you a master of that topic. And people will come to that niche blog to seek your expertise. And this way you can increase your web traffic.

Another important thing that you must consider before selecting a topic is whether you can write enough content on it or not. A blog normally gives profit in the long term. You have you nurture it like a baby. And so think that whether you can write on that particular topic for more 12-15 months. If you get exhausted in one month or so, then you will not get the fruits of it. Content is the most important part for any blog to be a hit. And so, you must select a niche topic in which you are interested and have expertise. If you select a topic which you will get bored of writing then you simply can not give your 100%.

A lucrative blog topic may be a niche topic but must have the author's interest and expertise. You will be tempted to write a blog which is commercially profitable but if you can't write enogh on it, you can not get any benefit of your blog. The other side benefit of narrowing the topic is that it also increases the income potential of the blog. Contextual ads on this topic pay a little more and there are other potential income streams (like consulting work) that a more general topic of blogging might bring. For e.g. my blog is on article writing, then I can always get a better quality of work with the help of this blog along with some adsense income.

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