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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money Making Ideas: Blogging

Money making ideas are often tough as money making itself is not an easy job. It takes the hell out of you to earn pennies. But remember, hardwork always pays and if you have a productive money making idea, thne you can truly rock! Today morning itself, one of the writers was asking me as to how to get genuine writing projects. Well the anwer to this is, the whole market of content writing is based on trust. This is an online business. Of course, the experienced writers know how to get their money out. But when the question is of a raw and a new writer, they have to go through a lot of thick and thin of life. They have to face many fake project managers who do not pay or simply exploit by paying too meagre amounts for writing work. So, it is very difficult to find authentic project managers.

Now, my point is what if you do what they are doing? Well, do you know the articles that the writers write are used in their private blogs or websites. On this content they get sponsors. They earn thousands with the sponsorship program. The entire business is based on the advertising revenue.

So, how would it be, if you make a blog of your own. A blog is nothing but a web log which has your shout, say or knowledge. There are many sites which offer this service. Blogspot is a good blog service. Make a blog there on the lucrative topic you are good at. If you find that you can write finance or health articles well then make a blog likewise. Post some 15-20 good and original articles of your own. Add google adsense tab and see the results after you market your blog or website. Money making idea, blogging can change your life.

We will discuss all the concepts like how to make a good blog, how to optimize the adsense, what is google adsense, how to market the blog, how to find good keywords for your blog and many more topics in the coming days. So, just keep updated or you will miss the chance of all the spoon feeding done by me. It took me 4 months to learn all this and I am showing you a readymade way for this. Isn't blogging a great money making idea.

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Akhilesh Jain said...


i have created a blog but the adsense account has come to still. please suggest me how to run it faster like marathon runner.

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