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Friday, July 11, 2008

Making Money With Article Writing

Making money is everyone's dream. So, to know as to how to earn with article writing is an important thing for the aspiring writers or new writers. Many people know that they are good writers but don't know as to how to make it a career. But believe me, even if you have normal and ordinary writing skills, you can earn yourself a good living.

Now, you will think that how come all of a sudden the demand for writers have erupted? Well, this demand is mainly because of thousands of blogs and websites being launched everyday. Webmasters, who own the blogs or sites are in constant search of new content. Good content will attract the readers to come to the website again and again. And more the traffic, the site will get better sponsorers. The entire thing comes and stands near the concept of sponsorship and advertisement. Well, we will cover everything in our coming articles to give you knowledge about how can you yourself make a blog or a website and earn big cash. But for now, it is necessary that we concentrate on writing skills.

Making money with article writing is not tough. You can get good opportunities once you make your portfolio and post it on any social networking site in the writer's groups. You will come across many people who are looking for work and who are willing to give work. There are different types of work available in the market. Product reviews, rewrites, short articles, long articles, press releases etc are some of the examples. Firstly, I would suggest you to do some research and find out what kind of articles are hot and how they are structured. You can search through google search engine.

Now, coming down to rates, if you are a new writer with out any experience but good writing skills, then you can easily demand 2 to 5 dollars for a 300-400 words article. Rates may differ in connection to the research work required or the topic given.

Now, Where to find these webmasters? Or where to get the work from? Well, you can become a member of social networking sites and find out communities related to writing. Post your advertisement there. You can also make a blog profile for yourself and post a link on any community related to writers.

All the best writers! For more description on content structure, log on tomorrow.


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YM said...


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